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Collagen Anti-Ageing Beauty System

Specifically designed and engineered to provide the greatest protection against the ravage of time on the collageneous soft tissues, bones and joints of our body

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With 7 days, you wish to have a rejuvenated and youthful look by means of natural facelift for:

* Reduced wrinkle
* Firmed & smoothened skin
* Reduced stretch marks & scar
* Reduced facial pores & eyebags
* Restored skin radiance & natural glow
* Increase energy and physical endurance
* Enhanced muscle tone and joints articulation
* Possible blood pressure reduction by elasticizing of arteries
* Weight reduction by reducing calory intake (collagen may suppress appetite)
* Skin whitening & freckles reduction (by skin firming and not melanin related whitening)
* Reduce muscle soreness and pain after physical activity by reducing levels of serum homocysteine

It is unique in its formulation because it consists of 6 essential and powerful components. Within every 10g sachet it contains:

1. 200mg Vitamin C fortification
2. Full Spectrum Multi-Vitamin mix
3. Full Spectrum Multi-Mineral mix
4. Natural & proprietary phyto anti-inflammatory
5. Amino Acid blend including L-Argenine, L-Lysine, L-Glutamine & Lecithin
6. 5g of special bio-activated Type I & III Collagen from Arctic Pollack Fish which has the highest bio-absorption rate of all known sources


This Collagen anti-Ageing System is specially designed for prolong use, rapid improvement and long lasting effect of overall health, musculature and skin conditions. It powerfully protects against and repair the damages caused by the solar UV light and environmental damage of the skin, biological age deterioration of the body tissue collagen, nourishing the joints, tendons and soft bone tissues, maintaining the elasticity of the arteries and providing other incidental benefits.


Take 1 sachet a day at least anytime before sleep with or without meal continuously for 5 days then stop for 2 days before starting another 5 days cycle. Mix 1 sachet with 200 ml of cool or cold water and stir well for a tasty and juicy drink. 1 box provides 4 weeks supply. The use of this product with good skincare treatments will greatly enhance its intended result; achieving a smooth and radiant complexion.


Consumers, especially pregnant, lactating or those with any medical conditions, are advised to consult their healthcare professionals first before consuming this food supplement. The colour and taste of this product may vary due to the variation natural of organic products

Collagen Anti-Ageing System

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