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Lophatherum Essence

It is a kind of bamboo leaf, produced in areas of South Yangtze River in China as the major material.
Using advanced scientific technology of extracting flavonoid compounds and coumarinic lactone nutrients,
it is refined to natural health food.

Lophatherum has a long history of being consumed as drug and food in China. It contains large amounts of
bioactive components and nutrients, including flavonoids, lactone, polysaccharides, chlorophyll, amino acid,
vitamins, trace-element, etc. Flavonoid compounds have a good effect on blood lipid and cholesterol reduction,
oxidation resistance, free radical scavenging, reinforcement of SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) activiity, etc. The
coumarinic lactone is well capable of helping to resist thrombocyte aggregation and thrombus, and can also be
useful for hepato-protection and physiological sleep regulation. This product has excellent functions in blood-lipid regulation, aging resistance, and promotion of immunity, which make it an ideal natural healthy nutriment.

This product contains no hormones or chemically synthesized pharmaceuticals. Pharmacological experiments
show that it has no toxic side effects.


This product is made by precision technology with unambiguous components and a high purity, highly stable and strongly hydrophilic. In addition, it proves safe and presents no toxic side effects.

Functional tests prove that this product has a healthcare function of blood-lipid regulation and so can effectively
safeguard people's health.

This product has a taste of bamboo leaf's faint scent and can be conveniently taken. In addition, it also has healthcare functions such as heart relaxation, detoxification, diuresis and blood vessel protection of the heart and brain.


People with higher blood fat
Take 3 tablets twice daily.
Not applicable for children. This product should not be taken as a substitution for medicine.

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