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Sugarless Pine Pollen

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* The pine pollen is all manually collected from a unique flower source, which ensures its pure quality, stable composition, absence of pesticide residues and animal hormones. So it is a type of purely natural health food

 * It contains all the nutrition necessary to a most long-lived life, including various proteins, nearly 20 amino acides, over 30 minerals and microelements, 14 vitamins, nearly 100 enzymes and coenzymes necessary tothe body and more than 200 other nutrients such as nucleic acids, monosaccharides, polysaccharides, cellulose, unsaturated fatty acids and flavonoids

 * Every SUGARLESS grain of pine pollen is a biologically active entity. It is suitable for those under diabetic treatment.

 * The nutrients and bioactive material of pine pollen can be fully released and more easily absorbed by the body

The aged & weak and those with low immunity

Take 3 - 6 tablets each time, 3 times a day
Preferably take half an hour before meals with warm water

People with pollen hypersensitivity should be cautious fo the product

270 tablets of 500mg each per bottle

Sugarless Pine Pollen

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AWARDS: 3-15 Award; Selected Health Food for China Space; 2005 China Best Health Food; China Muslim Association Certification

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